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Use cases

Hire us if you …

… need independent and unbiased quality monitoring


… have non-technical departments

E.g., support or marketing teams. We help them monitor the use experience, sales funnels, or competitors.


… use legacy services or 3rd parties

Nobody wants to monitor them but us. You could focus then on building real differentiators for your business.


… have several teams

You have a domain driven architecture, many teams or microservices. We can test across boundaries, unbiased, independent and end-to-end.


… have neither time nor expertise

When you see better returns on invested effort elsewhere, we can help you with a head start.

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The process

How does it work?

We optimize for simplicity and low communication overhead.


You define the scope

You write us a user story and submit a ticket with a deadline. The level of detail can differ. We refine it for you.


We refine the test cases

You do not need to be technical or overly detailed. Our team can read between the lines. We optimize for low communication overhead and fast turn around.


We automate the scenarios

Within 48 hours, we usually send over reports and videos running your test scenarios. If something is missing, we iterate. The test run on a schedule then.


You get notified

In the case a test scenario fails repeatedly, you receive a notification instantly. Did you change the feature? We adapt the test if necessary.

Quality per subscription

You ship, we test

We can monitor your internet presence for availability, functionality, SEO, dead links, accessibility, performance, tracking, and much more - around the clock, in every browser, on every device. Sleep better, we got you covered.


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All plans include 24/7 monitoring & alerting. Support via Ticket system.
30-day money back guarantee! *

No risk

Monthly *

Ideal for trying out & simple websites

219 /test /month

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Yearly *

Most often booked after first trial

189 /test /month

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Enterprise *

Custom solution

169 149 /test /month

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*All our plans include a money back guarantee. After your first tests, you can request your money back within the first thirty days. No questions asked.

,Working together

Working together

There are non-obvious advantages of working with us.


Website monitoring

We track a list of websites for changes - even competitors. Upon change, we check for visual differences, dead links, changes in SEO, accessibility and performance.


QA for forms, shops & apps

We detect bugs and differences in functionality, visuals, performance, tracking, security leaks, communication with the backend.


API monitoring

Given an API documentation, we deduct usage patterns, test them regularly and monitor the changing behavior. We also help with load test and security audits.



Upon request, we send you reports for common quality KPIs with historical data. We also provide you with some guidance how to improve them.



We can deeply integrate with most teams, modern infrastructures, auth processes, security standards and deployment processes.



We use a behavior driven approach. Our tests are written in a human readable format resembling user stories and can partially replace documentation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your Complexities, our Challenge. No Test Case Too Tricky For Us! Bring us your challenges, and we'll provide the solutions. Together, let’s pave the way to impeccable quality!

What is about?

We are a German agency which focuses narrowly on browser automation in terms of user stories. We offer a productivized service for quality assurance for everything on the internet - done for you. This is why we can offer fast turn around times, high quality and competitive pricing.

What are your use cases?

You need an independent, unbiased tester. You have several teams. You want to test across team barriers. You need support for non-technical departments like support or marketing. You work with third party providers and need to monitor their work. You have currently no in-house expertise or time for QA and want to start somewhere.

Is there a free trial for me?

There is a generous 30 days money back guarantee for the first test - no questions asked. Also write us for some free demo monitoring services or reports from time to time. We recommend to start with the monthly plan, so you do not have any financial risk.

How do we communicate with each other?

Before the first test, we need to do a meeting. Request for next tasks are usually submitted via our ticket system. They can be very detailed, very technical or simply very vague. We refine them for you.

How long do you need per test case?

Please specify a deadline in the ticket or test case. Usually, we can create or update test scenarios in under 48 hours. Custom integrations take longer. Please reach out.

What happens if a test fails?

If a test fails three times, you will receive a notification. We repeat them in the regular schedule. Once the test passes again, you will receive another notification. If you see that the test has to be modified, you can directly submit a change request. Subtle changes are included for free.

How do you invoice us? How do we pay?

We invoice you per mail for your initial commitment, due after you accepted our first test. Testless GmbH is a limited company registered in Germany with VAT ID DE321054911. Plans will automatically renew unless specified otherwise.

Can you integrate with our infrastructure directly?

All our software is containerized. It can be hosted on our or your infrastructure. We can also trigger runs from within your CI/CD pipelines. However, custom integrations are not included in the pricing mentioned above. For advanced use cases, our rate is 99 Euros for every 15 minutes per consultant.

Will you handover at the code at the end of the project?

We can handover all code. We use user stories and a behavior driven approach to testing. All test cases, deployments and code are well documented. If you need more, we can plan a handover & integration with one of our consultants.

Do you offer consulting or help with manual integration?

Occasionally, we help customers with their approach to automating quality assurance. If you are our client, we have some free templates about our best practices and processes for internal onboardings. For everything else, feel free to reach out.

How do you handle test data?

Among other things, we have experience with instable test data, complicated auth mechanisms and highly secured environments. We can recommend various strategies here and implement them.

Do you test mobile & desktop apps?

No, we specialize in automating browser tests across devices. We can test mobile websites, but not native apps. We can test progressive web apps, but not desktop native apps.

More questions?

If you have more questions, please book a free call with us.
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